PT Aino Indonesia (Aino) is a payment processing company and system integrator for public transportation, government public services, education, tourism, and retail. During 2017, Aino has processed more than 155 million offline micropayment transactions from services like Bus Rapid Transit, Toll Road, On Street Parking, Off Street Parking, Theme park, and Beverage Vending Machine in 20 cities across Indonesia

PT Aino Indonesia endorses Less Cash City Solution, a solution of inter-usability, inter-modality, inter-availability, until inter-operability electronic money cards in the city, thus the use of cash may be lessen.

To be one of national leading company to provide total solution of integrated smartcard

  1. Synergize market and product development with parent company (Gamatechno).
  2. Develope product and solution continuously and widely useful.
  3. Expand smartcard based BRT system implementation network in Indonesia.
  4. Build strategic partnership networking to encourage IT industry development in Indonesia.
  5. Offer value added services for customer and stakeholder.

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