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Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta Launches OK OTRIP Program

Government of Jakarta hosted soft launching of Ok Otrip program, Thursday (14/11/2017). The event is hosted in City Hall of Jakarta. This program is launched by Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan and Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno. They also demonstrated how Ok Otrip works.

Ok Otrip is one of official program of Anies-Sandi which is enabling people to use multi modes of public transportation like Transjakarta, Feeder Bus and Angkot (smalles passenger car) by using only Rp. 5.000 every 3 hour. Aino Indonesia ensure the payment system integration runs well, so the people can use electronic money in each modes of transportation.

Chief of Ministry of Public Transportation of Jakarta Andri Yansah said, after this program launched, it will be tested for 3 months from mid January to April 2018. “Before the test conducted, we want to do several agenda such soft launching, one man one ticket system trial and integrating four routes”.

Besides launching the program, the governor also demonstrated how this program will be implemented. A Transjakarta Bus, Feeder Bus, and Angkot which are installed with payment device are placed in City Hall to do the simulation of integrated payment using electronic money.

President Director Transjakarta Budi Kaliwono attended this launching along with President Director Aino Indonesia Hastono Bayu Trisnanto, Business Director Aino Indonesia Syafri Yuzal, Chief of Organda DKI Jakarta Shafruhan Sinungan, Chief of BPTJ Bambang Prihartono and ranks of officer from Jakarta.